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Mother daughter netball dream

12 May 2019

Mother daughter netball dream


For Australian Masters Games participant Kerryn Conabere 2019 marks her 50th consecutive year of playing netball and her sixth straight Australian Masters Games. One of her highlights of all her years on the court, is playing on the same team as all four of her daughters.

“When I was in form four, I filled in for a friend from school and her mother was in the team. I thought it was great she was playing with her mum and thought to myself, ‘if I ever have a daughter, I want to play long enough to play with her,” Conabere said.

“Little did I know I would have four daughters and be lucky enough to play with all of them in the one team!”

The Traralgon, Victoria resident formed a team with her daughters in the Morwell Indoor Netball Competition in 2002 when her third daughter was having trouble finding a team to play with.

“It was such a privilege to play with them all,” Conabere said.

“My mum came to watch one evening and as she was sitting there, another spectator said, ‘Do all the players in that team call that lady ‘mum’?’ My mother replied, only her daughters!”

The active 61-year-old still plays two days a week in two different indoor netball competitions and umpires on Saturdays for the North Gippsland Football Netball League and the Gippsland Football Netball League and she is looking forward to the Games in Adelaide this October.

“I really enjoy playing in the Australian Masters Games because for a whole week I can get up every morning and do the thing I love doing the most – playing netball. It is terrific to play with friends and meet so many people along the way,” Conabere said.

“My goal is to play long enough to play with two of my granddaughters. That will mean a complete family team!”

The netball competition for the Australian Masters Games is running from Monday 7 to Friday 11 October at the SA United Church Netball Association - City Courts, which have recently been resurfaced.

Players of all abilities, especially the mums, are encouraged to join in the fun this October. Enter before Friday 2 August to take advantage of the discounted early bird entry period.

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