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Meet Carol, a long time Adelaide AMG volunteer

20 May 2019

Meet Carol, a long time Adelaide AMG volunteer


What year did you first volunteer for the Australian Masters Games?

The first Adelaide AMG in 1989.  Having just completed Medical Receptionist studies I needed to keep my newly acquired skills and brain going. I assisted with many pre-Games tasks from stuffing envelopes and packing kit bags to registering participants.

That was a big event held in Bonython Hall at the university. Huge hours, long lines but a fantastic experience meeting people from so many places.  During the Games I was tasked with results; they were faxed in, checked and entered into the old green and black screen ‘computers’. I remember doing this in the old ANZ bank in Adelaide late into the evening.  A baptism of fire for me as I had not long before learned about computers in my studies.

How many have you participated in since then?

Following that, I did the next 5 Games in Adelaide and 2019 will be my seventh. I have worked in Adelaide's West End, Findon and now Hutt St offices. I do remember fondly Bonython Hall, the Casino foyer, the Parade Grounds building and Memorial Drive - magnificent buildings to showcase Adelaide. 

What is your favourite memory?

My experiences ranged from logistics (not my favourite, I must say), bag packing (great fun as we made a competition of it between the am and pm crews). Registrations is my most loved area as I meet participants from so many different countries - India, New Zealand the Pacific Islands, South Africa!

I have met some great people and one friends still remains. Jeannette and I have done the last 3 together along with other volunteering.

What are some of the biggest changes since you first volunteered?

How it has changed from 1989 to now.  We used to do everything from the registrations being posted in, processing payments, inputting into databases, collating sports and fixing errors on the system. I even came in one Sunday to assist with backlog. Now most of it is online! How technology has changed and with it the volunteering experience at the Games. 

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