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Games sponsor CEO takes to the track

James McKern - 5 October 2013

Games sponsor CEO takes to the track

Having a busy schedule is nothing new to Justin Giddings, who is competing in his first ever Australian Masters Games.

The CEO of Avalon Airport was always firmly behind the Masters Games coming to Geelong and encouraged all of his employees to somehow get involved with the Games and compete where they could.

“It’s obviously hard to get everyone involved but trying to get as many as we can has always been fun and having my name listed next to athletics was just that,” Giddings said.

When asked about the motivation to get behind the Master Games, Giddings had one key message,

“We wanted to get behind the community because we love the city of Geelong and with events such as this, it brings so much to our community and we would be silly not to be involved.

“And with so many people coming from all over the place we hope that they will fly in using Avalon Airport.”

Competing in all of the throwing events, except the hammer due to scheduling, Giddings admits to coming into the Games with no proper training at all and just hoping to one day catch the guys with whom he is now competing.

“You watch these guys doing the shot put and they’re throwing three to four metres further than what I am. Now I’m not saying that I can beat them but it’s always good to use that as motivation.”

He specifically told his family not to attend because of the lack of training but knew that eventually someone would find him,

“I didn’t want them to see this but I surprised myself a bit with that last throw.”

When asked about the future of the Games and competing in more events Giddings was adamant in his stance,

 “As long as they want to keep running them here I am more than happy to be behind them and do whatever we can to drum up the Games.

As far as competing is concerned, I’m looking forward to just beating my best every time out. It’s not all about winning but that competitive edge always comes out no matter what.”

The Australian Masters Games will be staged until Saturday 12 October and is one of Australia’s largest multi sporting events.

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