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Doing it for an inspiration

Brittany Shanahan - 7 October 2013

Doing it for an inspiration

It’s more than just a game for a group of ten pin bowlers from Ulladulla, NSW at the 14th Australian Masters Games.

Lesley Pavitt, Pamela and Shane Roche and Debbie Geerlings are bowling in the name of the Dunn Lewis Foundation - setup in memory of Craig Dunn and Daniel Lewis, killed in the 2002 Bali Bombings.

"The Dunn Lewis Memorial Centre was made as a memorial for the two Ulladulla boys who were killed in the Bali bombings and it’s been funded by the local community,” Pavitt said.   

“Gayle Dunn the mother of one of the boys who was killed, has put a lot of work into it (the Foundation) - she wanted to build a youth centre to teach a lot of the young ones to work there and go into other jobs.”

Mr Roche added, “I think it's a great idea.”

“She has devoted her life virtually to the centre.”

The group united through their Ten Pin Bowling League at the Centre in the New South Wales south coast town. Following regular campaigns in previous Masters Games, the group decided to represent the Foundation and persuaded Geerlings to enter her first Australian Masters.

"We've basically had a travel club, travelling around doing Masters Games and country championships since 2002,” Pavitt said.

“The Dunn Lewis Centre is a fairly new centre and we bowl there now. We thought it would be great to represent them for the first time.

"This time, if we go back and show other bowlers at the Dunn Lewis Centre what a great time we've had and go back with a couple of medals, it will give them a bit of incentive to think - 'hey maybe we can do that as well' and the team will start to grow.”

Geerlings further explained,

"I was pretty nervous coming here for the first time, not knowing what to expect but everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to - it's great fun!”

The Roches, Pavitt and Geerlings will be competing at the Geelong Bowling Lanes until Thursday in the singles, doubles and triples categories at the Games.

The Australian Masters Games will be staged until Saturday 12 October and is one of Australia’s largest multi sporting events.


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